Casual-Cool Weekend Looks You Can’t Live Without


It happens every year there are a few fleeting days of spring that lie between the frigid end of winter and the start of summer. Before you know it, youre left standing in a puddle of your own sweat, clutching onto your favorite sweater while the other girls frolic around in season appropriate gear. Its time to do a wardrobe overhaul!

Take a look at a styled portfolio of our favorite summertime weekend looks. Look casual-cool while taking a stroll, brunching with the girls or picnicking in the park.

Model: Tamara Lazio, Women Direct
Stylist: Emily Finkbinder & Dee Grossmann, Stylecaster
Hair: Hilary Bilstad, Arrojo Studio
Make Up: Pamela Taylor, Pamela Taylor Makeup
Photographer: Joseph DArco, Stylecaster

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