Shopping For Julia Restoin Roitfeld


This past Fashion Week I had a revelation about myself for some reason I don’t get that starstruck. Running into A-list celebs and mile tall models at every turn of my 4-inch heels I mean, Fashion Week is basically a paparazzi’s playground doesn’t seem to phase me so much as the moments I’m caught breathless by a few certain ladies of the fashionable French variety.

My top starstruck moment of the week? Meeting eyes with Julia Restoin Roitfeld as we passed by one another on a random street in Chelsea, no where in close proximity to any of the fashion mayhem. And why might this be? My best guess perhaps is that no matter what this gal (who calls French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld mom) steps out in, it’s nothing short of fabulous. But not the kind of glittery, personal-stylist-approved fabulous like the leading ladies you see on the red carpet at the Oscars. Julia’s personal style is 100 percent hers. Since I will be refraining from throwing my own credit card down this weekend, I did a little faux shopping inspired by the lady of the hour. Keep scrolling to get her look.

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1. Leather jacket, $75 (after conversion), at
2. Madewell knotted lariat chain necklace, $24.99, at Madewell
3. Britt Import scrunched wool shawl, $32, at Lori’s Shoes

4. Alkemi Jewelry triple buckle cuff, $210, at Shopbop
5. Topshop boutique crochet blouse, $110, at Topshop
6. Rachel Gilbert cutout crepe dress, $530, at Net-A-Porter

7. ALDO quilted chain purse, $45, Aldo Shoes
8. Yves Saint Laurent suede platform sandals, $795, at Saks Fifth Avenue
9. American Eagle anorak, $59.95, at American Eagle Outfitters
10. ASOS harness ring, $26.96, at ASOS

Main photo: Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Left to right: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images | Tony Barson, WireImage | Rabbani and Solimene Photography, WireImage | Henry S. Dziekan III/FilmMagic

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