First Look: Shop Patricia Fields’ New Store And Closet

Liz Doupnik
First Look: Shop Patricia Fields’ New Store And Closet
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Walking up to the new Patricia Field store (which previously served as the icon’s home) was nerve-wracking. Would she be this powerhouse stylist who kicked a** and took names? In all honesty, I was a bit intimidated. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity to chat with the stylist from one of your all-time favorite TV shows who also just happens to belong to some of the most influential NYC art scenes throughout the decades (I was secretly itching to ask her about Keith Haring).

To add to my clammy palms, I’d also be meeting Ina Bernstein, the retail mastermind behind the designer consignment boutiques, Ina, located throughout Manhattan. Not too surprisingly, the ladies happen to be old gal pals. As I wove through mannequins, piles of books, power tools and puppies, I found Pat, a small woman in her frame yet clearly opinionated and Ina who exudes nothing short of a motherly aura having a cigarette in what once was Pat’s Florida room, which was in the process of being transformed into her new boutique.

If one thing stands out about both women, each march to the beat of their own drum whose rhythm are completely separate tunes but harmonize perfectly. As they reflected on their careers and their friendship, it was evident that in one another they not only have a support system but also an admiration. So as Pat opens her home to her business after snatching up some major real estate behind her apartment, it seemed only natural that she looked to Ina to help her sort through her amazing collection of clothes she’s acquired throughout her years.

To see the dynamic between the women, one of whom who has almost complete disregard for fashion labels and one whose business is based on designer clothes, was fascinating if not refreshing. Majorly downsizing and approaching her new home with a minimal direction, Pat and Ina decided to not only celebrate Pat’s acute and recognizable style but also, in a way, each other. Today, as Pat opens her home – literally – to the public, Ina also will be sharing a piece of Pat as she is holding a sale on the items from Pat’s closet: some of which are customized pieces, some of which are gifts from friends and yes, some even from Sex and the City at her NoHo store location, which is legitimately a hop, skip and a strut away from Pat’s new shop.

If you don’t happen to fall under the neurotic New Yorker category and live elsewhere (or just don’t feel like braving the crowds), don’t despair, you can also check out the items up for grabs online. I decided to scoop up some behind-the-scenes photos of this awesome new boutique in the slideshow above! Ch-ch-check it out!

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Ina and Pat were kind enough to take me through some of the amazing selection of clothes that are on sale now at Ina NoHo.

As Pat's dream house is transformed into her new store location, key fixtures scream Pat even in the midst of the renovations.

What once was her Florida Room is now transitioned into another section of her boutique.

Up for grabs?

Another shot of Pat's new store in the works! Can't wait to check out the final product today!

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