How To Do Everything Better: Shop Like A Parisian

Alexandra Pauly

catherine How To Do Everything Better: Shop Like A Parisian
New year, new you. With that in mind, follow along as we hit up experts in far-ranging fields from fashion to hospitality to travel for their thoughts on how to do everything better this year.
Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino knows a thing or two about shopping like a Parisian, after all she is French-born and now splits her time between Paris and New York City. Malandrino told us: “As a Parisian leaving in New York, I revel in poetry, style, and romance through my clothes. My work is an influential combination of both lifestyles.” We couldn’t agree more. Wanting just a touch of Malandrino’s Parisian cool for ourselves, we had to ask her advice on how to shop and build a wardrobe like a Parisian. Bottom line according to the designer, personal style is more important than following trends.
1. Don’t Overthink Your Style. According to Malandrino, French style is a carefree mix of “ideas, color palette and texture…a certain confidence with a touch of je ne sais quoi!”
2. Invest in Confidence. “Investment shopping for me is not about monetary value but about style value,” Malandrino says. She recommends investing in pieces “that make you confident and will never be in or out of fashion. Being secure with your personal style is an investment for life and will make you unforgettable.” So instead of splurging on the latest Givenchy sweatshirt, opt for something timeless, like a perfectly cut trench coat.
3. It’s About Smart Buying. “My mother taught me the difference between compulsive buying and smart buying—building a style rather than following it,” Malandrino shared. “Thanks to her guidance I was able to find a balance between who I am and what I wear.”
4. Start With the Basics. Malandrino’s wardrobe essentials? “A little black dress is the foundation…followed by a cropped cardigan, silk blouse (très chic and feminine), fitted leather jacket (a must in a woman’s wardrobe), trench coat, oversized scarfs, and a pleated skirt. A French woman’s wardrobe should always balance her femininity and her strengths.”
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