Shop Our Looks: StyleCaster Takes Fashion Week (Amanda E.)

Amanda Elser

I am a beauty editor, so I never claim to be very fashionable, but when it comes to fashion week one is expected to have a certain level of know-how when they dress themselves for the day ahead. I started the week strong in dresses and heels and have somehow ended up in shorts and flats. Being backstage is a whole other world, and between running around shows with cameras, notebooks and that much needed cup of coffee, the last thing I want to worry about is tripping in heels. This is what brings me to today’s outfit choice. I had an early start at 7 am so I put on an outfit I knew that would be comfortable for the full day ahead.

Blouse and Shorts: Both are from H&M and together cost me less than my Mason Pearson hairbrush. The shorts are made out of this faux tweed, but what I really love about them is the blue pattern – perfect touch of color for the winter months! The blouse is made out of this completely synthetic fabric that zips up the back, but I still love it because it’s lined so I don’t have to worry about a camera flash in a photo and it has a cut little capped sleeve.

Booties: These go-to shoes were a T.J. Maxx find. If you have patience and time, T.J. Maxx can be a mecca for good finds – name brand or not.

Lipstick: When it comes to accessories, I usually leave the jewelry at home and opt for a bold lip. This raspberry pout is courtesy of my favorite CoverGirl Lip Perfection color Spellbound.

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