Shoes Designed By Kanye West Sell for $99,000 At Auction

Spencer Cain

When Kanye West designed the Air Yeezy 2 sneakers for Nike back in June 2012, a frenzy of both fashion fans and West’s biggest admirers camped outside of Nike stores all around the country as if they were teenage girls waiting to nab tickets to the “Twilight” premiere to scoop up the $245 pair of sneakers. Within a matter of days, the shoes gained even more buzz thanks to West’s girlfriend, the social media savvy Kim Kardashian, when she Instagrammed a photograph of her and West in matching shoes.
Air Yeezy 2s soon popped up on eBay, where one sneakerhead bid a whopping $90,000 for a pair. Now, someone has paid even more than that—one lucky (and very rich) person scooped up an autographed pair for $99,000 at a charity auction benefiting Hurricane Sandy. While the sum may seem ridiculous, it’s fantastic that someone contributed such a large amount to the victims of the devastating storm.
One would certainly think that this near-six figure sum would be the most anyone has ever shelled out for sneakers, but apparently, the most expensive sneakers ever sold were diamond studded Nike Boots for $218,000.
Tell us—what’s the most you would pay for limited edition sneakers?

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