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She’s Back! Monica Lewinsky, That Is…

She’s Back! Monica Lewinsky, That Is…

The woman that caused one of the biggest controversies in history is back. Thanks to the new two-part documentary airing on PBS, Clinton, Monica Lewinsky is sure to be back in the spotlight.

The four-hour television film reveals the truth about what happened behind closed doors and caused former president Bill Clinton to utter the infamous words, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

According to numerous reports, Lewinsky has actually been out of the country for some time. She apparently moved to London to get her master’s degree and hosted some British television shows. The last time she even gave an interview was for an HBO special on her.

With this special airing next week, highlights of the past are sure to resurface. We wouldn’t mind seeing a little Monica back in our lives. After all, America loves a good comeback. Oh, and just a side note — does anyone remember her purse line?! Obsessed.

Clinton premieres on February 20th and 21st on PBS, but you can watch the first twelve minutes below:

Watch Clinton Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.


  • Lamador7

    Monica you are a tramp.  Such a bummer to see your ugly face again.

  • harry

    my my .. such a temper .. Monica was and is a very nice person.  by any standard i know she is nice looking also.   some people attempted to damage our president thus risking damage to our country as well. as far as congress people prying into that affair, i am sure they had no interest in finding the truth other than for political gain.   no one had any reason to treat her like a criminal.   no one had any right to threaten or force her they way they did.  and Bill did the right thing.  you don’t damage a ladies reputation even if it harms your own.  it simply was none of  their business.  

     no one can say it had anything at all to do with national security.   not one person could actually believe that.  i think that each person that participated in inflaming this beyond reason should not be trusted with the security of our country.   none that used it for political gain should ever be voted into office again.  they were willing to risk my president and my country in order to further their political ambitions.   that willingness to potentially damage our national security in order to gain political advantage is really ugly.   it continues  today in many forms.   now i am not including legitimate reporting,  only those that made this the biggest issue on the table.  it wasn’t and had no business being so.    there were enormously more important issues at the time that became nearly impossible to attend to.    it was strictly the actions of a few self servers  that forced that ridiculous situation.    there is no need to insult Monica unless you fell for all that orchestrated gossip.  

  • yelgab

    Lamador7 – why don’t you throw away your iphone, computer, blackberry and whatever else you use to peruse the internet and spurt out this crap, and shut up. you must think very highly of yourself you pompass ass. go away – nobody likes you.

  • Jsmalberis

    You know darn well Lamador is right . You are just afraid to admit it .

  • Wendymaddy

    absolutely no one cares to hear from her again. let her learn another language and go live where no one has even heard of her before, doing charity work for unesco or some other good for other people.

  • Nettis55

    why is it any of our business anyway JUST SAYING

  • Tia Dalma

    Bottom Line – She was good enough for the most powerful man in the world…That alone says to me she’s not completely forgettable.

  • michael johnson

    And all of Clinton’s most vocal accusers turned out to be serial philanderers, like Burton, Hyde and Gingrich. Whited sepulchers.

    Then again, I’ve seen the infamous Pepperdine going-away party video where Monica says she’s got her kneepads packed.

  • Mickey Logan

    What’s she famous for, again?  Oh, right. Blowing someone. 

  • englishteacher

    “The woman that caused one of the biggest controversies in history is back”?  Clinton had a part in this, you know.  That’s one of the most ridiculous examples of sloppy journalism I’ve seen this week.

  • Dave Lacks

     “The woman that caused one of the biggest controversies in history is back.” Really? REALLY? I must have misunderstood the entire mess, because I was led to believe it was CLINTON who was president at the time, not Monica Lewinsky.

  • Nikki_Truth

    and you speak for EVERYONE?

  • Bubba Sucka

    Seriously…she was a hot mouth, period!

  • Michael

    The most famous BJ in American history , what a way to be remembered

  • Sharonk

    It is too bad the media covered the Lewinsky fiasco much more than Clinton’s arms deals & providing U.S. trade secrets with China & the “suicide” of Vincent Foster, which happened conveniently right before he was to testify on the Whitewater scandal.

  • Ravenman71

    There was a girl named MonicaWho played the hairy harmonica

  • Judith Mason

    This is really OLD news, right? The posting date is February 16, 2012, so the documentary is over.  Amazing how sly editors at these sites leave up ancient stuff so people (me included obviously) will comment like its important. Tsk. Tsk. There’s really lots of blame to go around on this sad story. Clinton lacked judgment and discipline. Lewinsky lacked emotional stability. And, the vindictive political operative, Linda Tripp (in whom the unhappy Lewinsky mistakenly confided) lacked just about everything.  

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Now THAT is news.


  • Mitch23

    will he call her or not?

  • Modelerbill

    Monica who???

  • Tracy Wesson-Isham

    everyone has to be good at something!! lol

  • Tracy Wesson-Isham

    see, this is why this poor girl went into hiding.  and for what? doing something that you people do/have done every night, that is if you are lucky!!  

    her crime? trusting a mans lies.  us women fall for this sh*t every damn day.  her man just happened to be the leader of the free world. she was young, naive and thought the man she “loved” was going to love her back.  

    i will tell you one thing though.  clinton may have gotten a bj in the oval office every other day but he did get sh*t done.  and why you ask?  because he was happy and very relaxed. lol

  • Anna

    For a man in his 50s any woman in her 20s (or younger) is good enough. They aren’t particularly choosy once the heads switch places.

  • James Messmer

    If he would cheat ( repeatedly) on the one person he professed to love, why would he give a crap about you.  ???  How does that lack of moral fiber represent the office of the PRESIDENT of the United States??  Could you lower your standards any more?

  • hickory

    a few facts. The issue was lying under oath. Thats a felony, even if you are the Prez. Clinton created his own scandal. He was impeached on x counts, but not removed from office. He was disbarred for lying under oath. It had nothing to do with polical gain. No one got any gain from it. Where ever M.Lewinsky is today I pray the past is long passed and she is left alone to pursue her life unencumbered. I know that is what i would want. Wouldnt we all.

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