Shannon Funk: Britney Spears’ Assistant Served with Subpoena


Shannon Funk is having a busy day. The ex-assistant to Britney Spears (who worked for the star for a total of three weeks during the pinnacle of Brit’s crazy times), was served with a subpoena in the ongoing custody battle between the princess of pop and the newly prince of pudge, Kevin Federline.

Federline’s goal is to gain full custody as well as gain some of Spears‘ regained cash by proving that she is, well…nuts. Probably not that hard when the world has seen you beating a car with an umbrella wearing booty shorts and a GI Jane haircut. But you’re better now, right Brit? Is Kev scrambling for good court material?


Funk was rumored to have had sexual relations with Britney, which is of course what you do when you suck at being a personal assistant and want to cement your spot as a Z-list celebrity, although none of this has been confirmed.

“I will do what I can to protect that girl,” Funk said to OK Magazine.

Randomly enough, Funk is rumored to be the chick behind the breakup of Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt. When it rains, it pours.

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