Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!


World Cup fever may officially be over, but at StyleCaster we’re still in a global state of mind. For the past month weve seen countless hot lists of soccer players representing countries all over the world. While weve enjoyed seeing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wesley Sneijder all over our TV screens, they got us thinking about some of our favorite female international beauties too.

Its no big secret that we have some homegrown stunners right here in the United States, but we thought wed take a little time and honor some of the eye-catching women who are fast becoming our favorite international imports.

COLOMBIA: Sofia Vergara
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Sofia Vergara. Photo: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

No list of global beauties would be complete without mentioning curvaceous and vivacious Sofia Vergara. Theres no denying Vergaras obvious assets, but ever since starring in ABCs Modern Family, the actress has more than proved her comedic chops.

CANADA: Evangeline Lilly95837 1279291865 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Evangeline Lilly. Photo: Mike Marsland, WireImage

Alberta, Canada-born Lilly may come off as rough around the edges while playing her alter ego Kate on the hit show Lost, but take her out of the jungle and she’s just as beautiful as any of the pretty ladies on this list. We give props to the actress for going in front of the camera without (or so it seems) a stitch of makeup. The fact that she can look that good au naturel is all the more reason to love the tomboyish star.

ITALY: Monica Bellucci 95833 1279222958 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Monica Bellucci. Photo: Eric Ryan, Getty Images

This Italian-born actress stunned international audiences worldwide (with her talent and her looks) as a housewife gone bad in Malena. And if her famous curves weren’t scandalous enough, the former law student translated her seductive power on screen as, Mary Magdalene, in 2004s The Passion of the Christ.

ITALY: Elisabetta Canalis
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Elisabetta Canalis. Photo: Venturelli, WireImage

In most circles, Canalis is probably better known for dating George Clooney than for her acting skills. She may not be winning an Oscar anytime soon, but we think any woman beautiful enough to bag the famously un-gettable bachelor is definitely a standout talent.

FRANCE: Marion Cotillard
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Marion Cotillard. Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage

The French star already proved herself as an acting force when she won her 2007 Oscar for La Vie en Rose. As for the few people out there who still remain unconvinced of Cotillards sex appeal, all they have to do is check out her hot performance as a stilted wife in 2010s Nine.

UK: Emily Blunt
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Emily Blunt. Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III, Getty Images

Any guys whove ever dreamed of one day marrying this British beauty will just have to keep dreaming. The Young Victoria star is officially a taken woman she recently tied the knot to funnyman John Krasinski this past weekend in Italy.

CHINA: Zhang Ziyi
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Zhang Ziyi. Photo: Jun Sato, WireImage

If Zhang Ziyi has shown the world anything since popping on the scene back in the late ’90s, its that she may be beautiful, but she can also kick some serious derrire. With roles in movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, Ziyi is definitely not your stereotypical delicate beauty.

ISRAEL: Moran Atias
95821 1279219492 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Moran Atias. Photo: Venturelli, WireImage

Moran Atias may not be a household name in the U.S. just yet, but as the host of Israels Deal Or No Deal, she is one of the country’s biggest rising stars. It seems that the U.S. may have gotten a raw deal here after all, wed much prefer to see Atias beautiful face over Howie Mandels any day.

INDIA: Freida Pinto
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Freida Pinto. Photo: Jason Kempin, WireImage

Unless youve been living under a rock, you should be well aware of the growing buzz surrounding Indian beauty, Freida Pinto. She stole the hearts of men and women everywhere when she starred in 2008s hit Slumdog Millionaire a role that would change her life forever.

UKRAINE: Olga Kurylenko
95825 1279219691 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Olga Kurylenko. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

All you have to say are the words “Bond girl” and the vision of a beautiful woman will undoubtedly come to mind. So, it comes as no surprise that former 007 leading lady Olga Kurylenko made our international beauty list. After all, it takes a pretty sexy woman to play Daniel Craigs love interest.

GERMANY: Diane Kruger
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Diane Kruger. Photo: Steve Granitz, WireImage

Diane Kruger
has us thinking that Quentin Tarantino had one stipulation in mind when casting the female roles in Inglourious Basterds beauty is a must. Brad Pitt may have been deemed the heartthrob of the movie, but we think the fair-haired German beauty definitely gives Mr. Pitt a run for his money.

UKRAINE: Mila Kunis
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Mila Kunis. Photo: Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Eastern Europe isn’t just famous for its models, the looks translate to stunning starlets too. Mila Kunis is another exotic selection from the Ukraine. Kunis may lend her voice to the role of frumpy Meg Griffin in FOXs Family Guy, but in real life she could not be further from her character. The Black Swan actress has been dating Macaulay Culkin for the past eight years, making him the envy of guys everywhere.

INDIA: Aishwarya Rai
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Aishwarya Rai. Photo: Christian Alminana, WireImage

How can someone who has been deemed the worlds most beautiful woman not be mentioned here? One look into her piercing green eyes and we can easily see why she has earned this title. Looks aside, the former Miss World is also one of the most highly regarded talents in Bollywood.

SOUTH AFRICA: Charlize Theron
95827 1279219880 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Charlize Theron. Photo: Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic

The South African-born stunner has been making heads turn ever since her big screen splash back in the mid ’90s (i.e. playing a seductress role alongside Keanu Reeves in Devil’s Advocate). Since then, she has been wowing audiences everywhere with her enviable good looks and superior acting chops, despite having played some ugly ducklings onscreen (see: Monster). Needless to say, she is one of our favorite international imports.

NEW ZEALAND: Anna Paquin
95830 1279222930 486x Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Anna Paquin. Photo: Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Since playing the role of Sookie Stackhouse on HBOs True Blood, the gap-toothed beauty has fast become the desire of men east and west of the Mississippi. The best part of the gig since shes engaged to her characters love interest in real life, she can play out all those steamy sex scenes at home.

FRANCE: Mlanie Laurent
95820 1279219331 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Melanie Laurent. Photo: Dominique Charriau, WireImage

Like we said before, Quentin Tarantino sure knows how to pick ’em. The French actress may come off demure, but her role as Shosanna in Inglourious Basterds was anything but. While she may just be starting to gain recognition in the U.S., she is an accomplished actress, model, director and writer in her native France.

AUSTRALIA: Abbie Cornish
95828 1279222917 486x Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Abbie Cornish. Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage

The Australian actress is no stranger to controversy she is often blamed for ending the marriage between Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon back in 2007. While the cheating rumors have never officially been confirmed, theres no denying that Cornish is beautiful enough to steal a man.

SWEDEN: Helena Mattsson
95823 1279219573 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Helena Mattsson. Photo: Jason Merritt, WireImage

The majority of people may not know the name Helena Mattsson just yet, but something tells us that they will soon. As if her angelic good looks werent enough of an indicator, Mattsson also has three upcoming films to be released in the next year, so keep your eyes peeled for this sexy Swede!

UK/NIGERIA: Sophie Okonedo
95834 1279222965 486x Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Sophie Okonedo. Photo: Ray Tamarra, Getty Images

Okonedo was born in England to a Nigerian father and a Polish and Russian mother. The actress diverse background was bound to be a recipe for exotic beauty. Okonedo won critical acclaim in 2004 when she received her first Oscar nomination for her role in Hotel Rwanda.

FRANCE: Mlanie Thierry
95850 1279294393 Sexiest International Stars: 20 Reasons To Go Abroad!
Melanie Thierry. Photo: Mike Coppola, WireImage

If the French have perfected one thing, apparently its producing beautiful women. Like the other French actresses on our list, the Babylon A.D. star knows a thing or two about the French art of making men swoon. Plus, she was recently brought on by YSL to be the new face of their fragrance Belle D’Opium.

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