8 Sex Positions to Try at the Beach This Summer

teaspoon sex position
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Sex on the beach: It’s inspired a hit dance song, a popular fruity cocktail, and some steamy movie scenes (though not as many as you’d expect, TBH). The mere idea of sex on the beach evokes youth, summer, and carefree—and possibly a tad reckless—spontaneity. But how often can you actually get away with seaside sex without some serious planning and dedication?

Crowds, heat, sand and bugs can present real obstacles to having the sexy beach romp of your fantasies. Plus, there’s the problem of which positions to use that won’t be super-uncomfortable or give you sand burn (it’s a thing!).

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Still, if you can find a secluded stretch where you and your partner won’t be interrupted—unless, you know, exhibitionism is your thing—and you bring the right supplies (towels, lube, condoms, sunscreen, bug spray, possibly an umbrella) it’s totally possible to pull off hot, fun, worth-the-effort beach sex that you’ll want to relive over and over.

We asked sex therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT, which moves are the best ones to try in a sexy beach scenario and how to get the most pleasure out of them given the, er, constraints of the situation. Now get out there and go find your perfect stretch of sand…

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teaspoons sex position

"Teaspoons is great for touching each other all over, but you may need to use a couple of towels to cushion those knees," says Nelson. "For female couples, the woman on top needs to tilt her body forward and arch her back so her butt is facing up to line up with the strap-on better, or simply to get the most out of her partner fingering her clit."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
jockey sex position

"This is an ideal position for G-spot stimulation, as the penis or strap-on will hit that area like a bullseye," says Nelson. "If you're on the bottom, you can squeeze your legs together for added tightness, which will bring maximum pleasure and a possible blended orgasm."

*Gay and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
pearly gates sex position
Pearly Gates

"This is a great position to stimulate nipples, touch and finger the receiver, while still maintaining closeness to kiss and caress," says Nelson. "For female couples, you can use a strap-on and the lover on the bottom can use it to rub the clitoris of the woman on top before sliding it in for penetration," says Nelson.

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
jellyfish sex position

"The partner on top can use their feet to push off and move their hips in a circular motion to get the most out of this position," says Nelson. "It's a good one for holding, kissing and embracing each other. Because the position is equally pleasurable for both partners, it's a great one to end with—and possibly will result in orgasm at the same time."

*Gay and hetero-friendly

Photo: Jenny Yuen
turtle sex position

"This position is one of deep penetration, so in order to control how deep you want the sensation to go, face-down partners can modify by putting your hands on the kneeling partner's knees to stabilize and rock back and forth," says Nelson. "Open your legs wider for added depth and pleasure, or you can self-stimulate at the same time. Female couples can try it with a strap-on—the possibilities are endless."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
asian cowgirl sex position
Reverse Asian Cowgirl

"This is a position where there's very deep penetration for the woman on top," says Nelson. "It can be a great one for G-spot stimulation if you tilt your pelvis forward, but you need to use your quadriceps to regulate the depth of penetration."

*Gay and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
bookends sex position

"Before penetration—which can be tricky but is doable from this angle—try adding this to your foreplay routine to get both of you turned on," says Nelson. "Rub in a figure eight and grind your clitoris on his penis—or on your female partner's clit—which will get you both lubricated to go right into lovemaking, with or without a strap-on."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen
amazon sex position

"This one rates a 10 out of 10 in difficulty," says Nelson. "It requires the woman on top to use the power in her legs to keep her balance and bounce up and down. It works best if the partner on the bottom can hold her at the waist for support, and she can manually stimulate for added sensation."

*Gay and hetero-friendly

Illustration: Jenny Yuen

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