Selena Gomez Kills ’Em with Kindness—and Sex Appeal—in Sultry New Video


Selena Gomez released a moody new music video today for “Kill ’Em with Kindness,” in which she indeed slays with warmheartedness, casting her megawatt smile to and fro—but she didn’t forget that sex generally outranks kindness, so she performed most of the song in a skimpy slip dress and a slinky robe, also making appearances in lingerie and a ball gown, because, you know, why not?

The song, the fourth and final single from her album Revival, which dropped last October, is super catchy and encourages us all to be a bit nicer in our daily lives. “Your lies are bullets / Your mouth’s a gun / And no war in anger / Was ever won,” she croons. Thanks for the reminder, Sel!

Gomez also made headlines today for lightening her dark locks to a honey blonde, and adding a very special person to her 82-million-and-counting followers: ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Yes, those both warrant headlines, and, yes, her hair looks gorgeous, because she is Selena Gomez.

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