Selena Gomez Fashion and Style

Matthew Miller

The Disney Channel has proved to be a creator of many of today’s pop stars and singers, from Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears came Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, not to say that these two young star’s have a relationship that is anything like their two predecessors, but their impact on their generation fan base is equally as strong as it was for those before them. Selena Gomez is a young star in Hollywood and the music industry that has made a point to prove she is not going out of the spotlight any time soon. With her sold out tours and numerous appearances with her hubby Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is a picture perfect model for fashion, style, and good decision making when it comes to which scene she chooses to belong. Luckily us older fashionista’s have been lucky enough to watch this star come from humble beginnings to a fashion role model for young women and girls. Her fan base stretches across the globe and her “All-American Look” makes her a family favorite.

What makes Selena Gomez so picture-perfect you might ask? Well for one, her ability to totally rock an outfit that seems so effortlessly put together that is both age appropriate and stylish, makes us wonder if this young star may have a future in the industry. Her red carpet appearances show her serious Hollywood side, with eye piercing gowns and dresses that define an era, as well as her humble tone of voice makes the wall in between Hollywood and the followers also disappear.

As she has matured into a young lady, Selena Gomez can now be seen wearing beautiful pieces [in which her Reem Acra dress is a personal favorite look] that are showing her transition from teen icon to young adult. Her looks can also be easily recreated and bought across stores across the USA. Given the right research and, you can easily recreate Selena Gomez’s looks given the price of your personal budget. If anything is for certain, Selena Gomez will continue to impress us with her good decision making both in the wardrobe and personal life. Flip through and check out for yourself; and don’t forget to see Selena Gomez in that Reem Acra dress!

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