Selena Gomez 2011 Pictures

Matthew Miller

2011 proved to be an exciting year for Selena Gomez. From public events to red carpet appearances, Selena Gomez proved she is not slowing down anytime soon when it comes to the spotlight. Selena Gomez could be seen attending numerous award ceremonies and movie premiers throughout the year as well as being accompanied by her fashion taste [and her hubby Justin Bieber of course.]

But how exciting it must be to live a life in the spotlight from a young age. Selena Gomez has been introduced to some of the world’s most powerful professionals across various industries while not giving up time to spend with her close friends and family [including America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift.] The numerous award shows and stage performances are not keeping this almost twenty year old busy from staying true to her public image.

What may prove as being motivating for Selena Gomez is the constant interaction with older actors and actresses, sports figures, and other various professionals in the public eye that have made decisions to get their name brand to the status it is today. Not to say that we all make great decisions, but who wouldn’t love to meet Nicole Kidman or Kathy Griffin and have them coach you on how to stay in the positive when times get rough or advice on how to attain a crowd or what to expect in the future from all your hard work and dedication? Needless to say that the perks of traveling the world and having world wide exposure in the media makes one always second guess one’s actions, Selena Gomez has proved up to now that she is taking advantage of all her opportunities to remain a positive image for young girls across the globe. Personally I feel rather lucky to sit back and examine Selena Gomez’s exciting life during 2011.

Flip through and check out Selena Gomez in a glimpse of her life during 2011!

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