See Rachel Zoe’s Full Primetime Segment, Skyler’s Gucci

Kerry Pieri

Rachel Zoe was one of the mom’s featured last night on ABC Primetime’s unfortunately named “Mommywood” episode. The voiceover intros the segment with, “Zoe may not be a household name,” which I would tend to disagree with, but let’s get on to what’s important how ridiculously cute baby Skyler is and how Zoe proclaims she loves him more than her husband, Rodger, making Frued smile from wherever he is.

Zoe delves into that whole weight issue that has plagued her by saying, “Gaining weight as a pregnant woman is like… party on.” But it appears from her slimmed down bod that the party is already over. We also get a look at Rachel’s sick closet and from there we move onto Skylar’s sick closet, where Zoe breaks some news for the news show and says she’ll be doing a clothing line for children.

My favorite part is that both Skylar’s Gucci bomber jacket and motherhood are both categorized as “everything,” by Zoe. Sounds about right.

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