SEE IT HERE: Do you have a Northern Soul?

Jessica Hoppe
SEE IT HERE: Do you have a Northern Soul?
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Do you want to know what Northern Soul is really all about?

Northern soul is the music and dance movement that literally kicked off the creation of contemporary club culture and superstar dj culture of the 2000s.

The British mod scene, emerged initially in northern England in the late 1960s, birthed a musical underground that inspired dance and fashion for generatons. The mod style we see so often replicated on the streets of London or the lower eastside originally grew from the rhythm & soul scene of the late 1960s.

While the original Northern Soulers are well into their 50s, the lifestyle is still very much alive. Take a look at a few members of the new generation who represent it best.

And if you are in London pop by the Youth Club gallery, London W1, from now until Saturday 6 August, to check out the Young Souls photographs and short film. The film can also be seen at

For the full slideshow visit The Guardian.

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