Secret Bars: Tracking Down Our Favorite Hidden Gems Across The Country

Secret Bars: Tracking Down Our Favorite Hidden Gems Across The Country
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Whether it’s behind an unmarked door, hidden inside or underneath another bar, or just down a dark alley, secret bars are (somewhat ironically) all the rage in major cities across the country. There is definitely something to be said for bars that make a point of staying off the beaten path and not packing themselves to the brim. And most of these places are reservation only, which makes for a quieter and more personal drinking experience. So for those of you who hate packed bars, these hidden gems are a great way to have a fun night with a classy cocktail in hand and avoid massive crowds.
Most of the secret spots we uncovered are going for the 1920s speakeasy vibe, so naturally their menus are full of original cocktail recipes. Leather booths, dim lights, retro jazz music, shaved ice—these places pay attention to the details and make their patrons feel like they’ve truly been transported back in time.
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We’ve done the detective work for you in our slideshow above. But remember, it’s a secret!
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