Sea of Shoes Gets Sketched

Kerry Pieri
Sea of Shoes Gets Sketched
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I think that it’s great for brands to set up a social media presence via Twitter, Facebook and blogs, but often it becomes a lot of navel gazing/”look at how cool we are.” Which can be great for a while, and especially if people do happen to think said brand really is so cool, but other times it can become plain stale. Tibi designer Amy Smilovic is taking a different approach on her brand’s blog, stepping away from just posting the pretty images with Olivia Palermo in a Tibi look and getting all into the blog community. I mean, the blog community is where it’s at.

Amy first did some pretty pics with Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller and now she’s feeling Jane from Sea of Shoes. The Palm Beach-esque designer used her sketching skills and created some very pretty illustrations of Jane, utilizing images from her blog. She’s not wearing Tibi, it’s just good branding. Jane has that well bred pretty girl thing going on that seems so very Tibi, so why not?

Jane wrote on Sea of Shoes, “Wow!! It is beyond surprising and flattering to be the subject of Tibi designer Amy Smilovic’s sketches. No words! How cute are they?? Thank you so, so much Amy–I love Tibi and I’m so excited you follow my blog!!” Click through for the pics.

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