The Sartorialist Plans Clothing Line and TV Show (8 Bloggers We Wish Would Design Clothes Too)


Scott Schuman has enjoyed a lot of success as his alter ego of sorts–The Sartorialist–with his blog revolutionizing fashion photography, campaigns for the likes of DKNY and Burberry, and a book. Now it seems that Schuman has his eye on his own line and a potential TV show as well.

As the photographer told, “I’m shooting some things for Italian Vogue, GQ, and stuff like that. But there’s maybe a TV show coming up, maybe a clothing collection coming up. There’s a lot of negotiating going on right now…I was offered a lot of shows before and I don’t think the companies were right that were asking me. But this company I think is right. It’s a very well-known director and all, they’re a company.”

We can’t wait to find out who he is talking about working with, but in the meantime, we have picked eight dream bloggers that we wish would design their own lines.


These three Danish friends are drumming up a cultish following with their blog (i.e. us) and we would love to see their relaxed, but fashion-forward style translated into a collection of clothing and accessories.

Because I’m Addicted


Geri uses her blog to share her great sense of personal style as well as her wealth of inspiration. The best part is seeing how the two come together, now we want to see what would happen if she took her love for fashion to the next step.

Fashion Toast


Rumi has made a name for herself by showing off her waifish figure and California grunge style. She already served as the inspiration for Erin Wasson‘s first collection, but we want to see what she would whip up herself.

The Cherry Blossom Girl


We love following Alix’s sweet style in her photo blog. Her Parisian sensabilities would make for a beautifully youthful collection.



Our favorite new blog for mens fashion, J.Elquist shows off his love of classic fashion and the history behind the way we dress. The boys could use a helping hand from this one. He already has a line of neckwear in the works.

A Merry Mishap


This sweet blog shows off a love of all design from fashion, to interior decorating and prints. We would love to see her design a small collection of dresses.

A History of Architecture


Full of Indie cred, we think Erica could design a great collection of basics that we would want to wear every day.

Hanneli Mustaparta


Hanneli’s street style photography shows off a love for simple, clean designs. We’d love to see her own take on modern minimalism.

Bleach Black


Kristin and Valerie, the two friends behind Bleach Black share a love for Goth fashion and a penchant for DIYs. They have already designed a line of jewelry for Urban Outfitters, but we’d love to see them try their hand at clothes.

Black Eiffel


We love the crafty impulses Rachel Jones displays in her blog, Black Eiffel, and would love to discover her designs in small boutiques.

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