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Sarah Palin Breast Implants: Get The Bodacious Look Without Going Under The Knife

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  • Calvin Klein's Perfectly Fit Tailored Racerback Bra is truly just that. The narrow straps and plunging front make it the perfect bra for v-neck tees and racerback tanks.  $58, by Calvin Klein. 

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Speaking of cleavage, Maidenform's Like Magic Extreme Pushup Bra will provide ultimate results. The adjustable straps make it versatile, but we recommend  getting it in nude to keep it classy. Leopard peeking out from under a basic tee doesn't exactly scream sophistication. $27.20, by Maidenform

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • The Favorite Lacy T-Shirt Bra from Gap Body is made specifically to help you look smooth and lifted under thin T-Shirts like the one Palin's wearing. $36, by Gap Body.

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  • Achieving lift with a strapless bra can be challenging. Try the classic Wonderbra Wonderboost 3rd-Degree Strapless Bra. The pads are removable, and its low-plunging neckline will help you show off your cleavage (within  reason) in a strapless dress or jumper. $34, by Wonderbra

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  • For bigger-chested girls, Wacoal's Body Graphic Minimizer Bra does an amazing job of holding you in and up, without looking like hardware when you take your shirt off. $65, by Wacoal.

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  • The cleverly named Spanx Bra-lleluja is comfortable and smooth, but it's defining feature is that it's made out of Spanx material and thus banishes your back fat. If that's not gospel worthy, I don't know what is. $62, by Spanx

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  • For achieving lift with complicated necklines, Natori's Convertable Push Up Bra has a smooth cup, and five different strap options that will help you look smooth and perky in any dress. $58, by Natori

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  • La Perla's Sexy Town Push-Up Bra's low front and super thin straps make it a great choice for a after dark (um, or into the wee hours of the morning). $90, by La Perla

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  • Voluptuous girls like tube tops too! Despite its name, the Le Mystere Lolita Stapless Bra is the best strapless bra for grown women who need a strapless lift. It sizes all the way up to 36F. $76, by Le Mystere

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group

Sarah Palin Breast Implants: Get The Bodacious Look Without Going Under The Knife

Sarah Palin Breast Implants: Get The Bodacious Look Without Going Under The Knife

Sarah Palin Breast Implants: Get The Bodacious Look Without Going Under The Knife
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It’s all over the news: Sarah Palin’s knockers are courtesy of those increasingly ubiquitous breast implants. But while we can’t confirm the “he said, she said” rumor, we can help a girl out with some impressive cleavage. A supportive bra with some strategic padding should do the trick. Here are 10 bras that will help lift you up Palin-style.

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  • heather

    need to get that natori convertible bra! so many options in one!

  • DEO

    Too bad $arah’s brain isn’t that big.

  • david norris

    youare all boobs (AKA pinheads)

  • Elizabeth Betancourt

    Well I thought it was all about doing a few work out that would help you get a left. Not getting a push up bra or pads and Sarah Palin’s looks great; so let her be.


    a supportive bra will do


    a supportive bra will do

  • thomas

    probably not,she’s always been “busty”

  • Melland

    I don’t care what kind of bras she wears. She can used her bra as a sling and go to hell! She’s a hypocrite Republican!

  • Maria Alaniz

    She looks great!!!! So just back off!!! If I could afford it I would get implants too.

  • Hayley

    lol, yall r all a buncha retards… who gives a eff.

  • Paige Valietta

    OK, 1. Sarah Palin didin’t have to get breast plants. She just WANTS to be a whore. Don’t let her; she does NOT deserve it! 2. If your going under a knife to look “sexy”, your losing your real charm. GET OVER IT!!!!! If you dont look how you want to, its to show that people love you for who you are. 3. Palin is not a good role model. In MY opinion, she isn’t a good leader. 4. She needs to leave the beauties of nature alone. She’s all for “making everything beautiful!”. Nature is much more beautiful than fake poserness.

  • anna k.E pellow

    well i think she deserves to look the way she wants to after all its not anyone else s choice so i would say leave the female politician alone,i also think shes sexy because she not afraid to be the way she wants to

  • not a hater

    Sarah Palin is one smart women, if you read her book about her life as Governor you would know! She looks great and is a wonderful wife and mom! Finally a women to look up to in America that is NOT A BIMBO…but since that is all Hollywood feeds you, you are made to believe she is one too. She is not. Stop being a hater and LOVE!

  • delilah paris

    i think it’s wrong to get implants, but, if you want to i don’t care & i don’t need to judge. whatever floats your boat.

  • Kaylaaa P.

    Who really cares if she got them on not! More then half the people need to focus on their own body, then talking messss on someone who may have altered theirs. its her body she can do whatever the #### she wants! if she wants biggger ######## then she will get bigggger ####### wgaf! dont be jealous u cant afford it.

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