Sarah Hyland Explains the Meaning Behind Her New Ribcage Tattoo

Sarah Hyland Explains the Meaning Behind Her New Ribcage Tattoo
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Sarah Hyland‘s been through one hell of a year. In May, she battled anorexia accusations, which prompted her to come out about a medical condition that affected her ability to work out and gain weight. Three months later, Hyland split from her boyfriend of two years, Dominic Sherwood, a few weeks after she co-starred with him on his show, “Shadowhunters.” But, like the badass chick we know Hyland to be, the 26-year-old actress has come out of her hell tougher than ever—and she got a new tattoo to prove her strength.

The “Modern Family” star debuted her fresh ink on Monday in an Instagram picture of her laying on her side, while showing off a medium-sized tattoo on the side of her ribcage. The design was simple: two thin circles (one large; one small) with a line running through them. Despite its simplicity, the tattoo had a special meaning for Hyland, judging from the quote she paired with her picture: “The best way out is always through” –Robert Frost.

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In her caption, Hyland thanked Dr. Woo—a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist who has also inked stars like Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, and Drake—for coming up with the artwork that symbolized Frost’s quote.

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The picture also showed a subtle tattoo on Hyland’s butt, which appears to be the dinosaur tattoo she inked earlier this month. The tattoo, initially suspected to be temporary, could be the real deal, considering she received it more than a week ago. However, regardless of whether Hyland’s tattoos are real or temporary, one thing is certain: Her strength is permanent.

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