Editor’s Pick: Sandro’s Hot Pink Shearling Mini Bag—For Over Half Off

Perrie Samotin

sandro1 Editors Pick: Sandros Hot Pink Shearling Mini Bag—For Over Half Off

I first gravitated toward Sandro’s hot pink shearling Aida crossbody while killing time in a department store about a year ago, and—at $315—forced myself to step. away. from. the. bag.

Like a fuzzy pink ghost that refused to stop haunting me, I kept seeing the bag crop up everywhere—on fashion blogs, in other department stores, even on Ellie Goulding, for Pete’s sake.

elleie goulding sandro

Sadly, I let it go—did I really need another crossbody?—and decided to move on with my lame, pink bag-less life.

Cut to six month later, I was researching accessories for a story, and—lo and behold—my beloved Sandro bag appeared in my search engine. I clicked into the site and saw it was on sale for $158.

Should I buy it? Do I still love it? Is it even still in stock? These were the questions I asked myself while an imaginary flashing “treat yo self” GIF flickered in my head.

I hit add to cart, and realized as I was checking out that an additional $40 was deducted (!!!) bringing the total to $118, and causing the type of adrenaline to kick in that only bargain shoppers understand.

I should mention the Aida bag also comes in black and white, and they’re still on Sandro’s site. Go forth, sale seeker!

img 0906 Editors Pick: Sandros Hot Pink Shearling Mini Bag—For Over Half OffPhoto: Annie’s Fashion Sauce

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