There’s a Canadian Rapper Named Saint West Who Retired For Obvious Reasons

Beth Stebner
kim kardashian kanye west

Kim and Kanye need not fear now that Canadian rapper Saint West says he’s retiring from showbiz (Photo: Getty Images)

After I heard the news that Kim and Kanye had christened Baby Number 2, not as a geographic location (my money was on South West) but instead, named after someone with a likeness to God, I wasn’t exactly surprised. But I was curious to see what companies, blogs, or businesses little Saint West had inadvertently ruined—for instance, a San Diego-based film production company, also called Saint West.

But turns out, there was also an aspiring Canadian rapper of the same name who, according to TMZ, has decided to retire pre-emptively, rather than compete with the little Saint West.

The rapper—real name Lindon McIntyre, a part-time ballroom dancer and plumber by trade—told the site in a video showing off his rapping prowess that he was immediately retiring.

He also added some kind words and well wishes to the new parents. “Thank you for choosing such a beautiful name,” he says in the video. “Saint West, may God smile on you. I’ll always be cheering for you. And try to avoid becoming a rapper.”

If you want to check out what kinds of sick rhymes you’ll be missing, check out Saint West er, Lindon, rapping about drug dealers here.

So long, other Saint West. We hardly knew ye.

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