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Rumi Neely And Her Boyfriend Role Play For Ralph Lauren

Rumi Neely And Her Boyfriend Role Play For Ralph Lauren

After watching this video I’m not sure whether to laugh or blush… or turn away? I feel like Ive just walked in on some private role-playing adventure between Rumi Neely and her boyfriend Colin Sokol, complete with handcuffs, wine and a cheesy soundtrack. Oh wait, its just a video for Ralph Laurens Big Pony Fragrance Collection.

Didnt you see the quick frame or two of cologne being spritzed? Her hat is obviously adorable, and maybe this was trying to be ironic, but it’s reading first year film student tries out film noir. Watch on. Am I wrong?

  • Lisa

    lol! that was amusing.

  • Kate

    You’re not wrong! But it’s pretty funny I liked it!

  • Kelly

    This video is awesome! I love it! I don’t understand your opinion though…

  • Shin

    I think it looks more than a first year film I detect a bit of snarkiness in your tone? The soundtrack is just fine and appropriate.

  • Brady

    I agree with Shin, why don’t you show us a first year film student work that’s better than this, or maybe the one you made?

  • Autumn

    There are over 200 comments on her blog, all of them love the video. There are like 6 comments here and all of them hate your opinion.

  • jill
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