Rugby Ralph Lauren: On the Cutting Edge of Technology


Rugby Ralph Lauren isn’t only at the forefront of fashion, it is at the forefront of technology as well. As technology changes, the company is finding new and innovative ways to integrate the two fields.

Technology is a natural extension of the brand, according to David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren and senior VP of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications. Just as Polo was one of the first brands to embrace e-commerce years ago, it is also one of the first brands to use a mobile commerce platform.

Ralph Lauren launched a mobile app with its Fall 2008 collection and is now selling all kinds of products with this mobile technology. Thenew iPhone app “Make Your Own Rugby” lets you design your own rugby shirts and polos and virtually try them on by uploading a photo of yourself.

The company is now using Quick Response, or QR codes, which are bar codes that can be scanned by cell phones to learn more information about a specific product. This technology is popular in Japan, and while QR codes aren’t widely used in the U.S. just yet, when we catch up, Polo will be ready.

While some people may be hesitant, we can’t wait for the day that shopping on our cell phones is that easy!


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