Romantic Winter Dates to Warm Up Your Relationship


Winter has blown in some freezing cold temperatures but that doesn’t mean you have to go into confinement. Instead of staying cooped up inside with your significant other, risking boredom and a possible bout of cabin fever, get bundled up and have some romantic, wintry fun together.

Here, our favorite cold-weather activities:

Embrace the Ice
Head to your local ice-skating rink for a fun day of gliding along together side by side. Skating is great exercise and it’ll make the two of you bond in a way that’s different than the usual dinner-and-a-movie fare.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Bundle each other up, complete with scarves, hats, mittens, and boots and head out for a walk in winter wonderland. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and some alone time will inspire you to cuddle up and hold hands for warmth.

Respect the Establishment
No matter where you live, there’s always amuseum nearby. Whether it be the MoMA or your local town’s historic establishment, take some time to learn something together. You may even discover a common love for arts and culture, broadeningboth of your minds right along with your relationship.

Plan a Fun Gathering
Winter weather is the perfect time for you and your significant other to have a small get-together! Invite both single friends and other couples over for cocktails, and get them involved by making it into a potluck. Sipping eggnog and mulled wine surrounded by friends is one of the best ways to while away a long, cold night.

Want to go out for drinks instead? If you’re in NYC click here for this season’s hot spots for cocktails.

The Great Escape
Whether you go for a day trip or a romantic weekend, hitting the slopes is a fun-filled way to enjoy the winter weather together, and it’s also a fantastic way to get a change of scenery. After you’ve had enough of the slopes, find a roaring fire in the lodge to defrost in front of, all the while creating lasting memories.

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