Rogan and Lady Grey Jewelry Team Up


I think I’m the sole Brooklyn representative working full time at StyleCaster (our production manager Andrew is the only other borough dweller up in Queens). Therefore, when it came time to begin delegating our blog topics, I quickly snapped up “Brooklyn” as a story genre.

And so it is that I’m super excited to report that Rogan is delving into the jewelry market with Brooklyn based designers Savine LeGuyader and Jill Martinelli of Lady Gray Jewelry.

Even though Rogan is “so New York” it captures (and dictates) Brooklyn style with its slouch sweaters and perfectly disheveled looks. Intriguing without being ostentatious or editorial, Rogan is an amazing brand that keeps the basics interesting with non-classic twists (such as hoods and chunky zipper details).

It’s going to be interesting to see what Rogan’s jewelry line will look like when they’re through collaborating and working with Lady Gray Jewelry. Lady Gray Jewelry creeps me out in a delicious way (similar to how I love going to Six Flags during Fright Fest because I like to be scared). Featuring a lot of anatomy such as bone bracelets and skull charms, the line is definitely noteworthy and designed for people who want to make a statement. Kind of like their new partner, Rogan.
Just when I thought Brooklyn couldn’t get any more hip, it throws this collaboration at me…can’t wait to see the results this holiday season!

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