Rodarte Is Slowly Taking Over The World

Rodarte Is Slowly Taking Over The World
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The Mulleavy sisters have recently made the transition from an indie Californian design team to household names and Hollywood royalty, and lately a day doesn’t go by without a bit of Rodarte news breaking. Aside from the duo’s famous Black Swan costumes, they have an upcoming solo exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles that opens in March, and yesterday, their haunting short film starring Elle Fanning debuted on Nowness.

Today, the highly anticipated Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collection went on sale, and it doesn’t disappoint. The pieces are commercial but unmistakably Rodarte, especially the tapestry-esque fabrics and gauzy knits and dresses. The only obvious negative about the collection is its cost: While it’s half the price of their main line, the prices hover around $800 for dresses and shoes, and reach to well over $1000 for the leathers and handbags. Luckily, you can snag a sweater or skirt for less than $300, which is the perfect compromise between the contemporary market and Rodarte ready-to-wear.

I’ve always thought of the Mulleavy girls as more of artists than designers, probably because every person I know ogles their coveted collections, but none of them actually own anything Rodarte unless you count Rodarte for Target most likely due to the cost and highly conceptual designs. But something tells me that this whimsical OC collaboration is going to change that, and the line is destined to become a cult classic.

Click through for images from the collection, and if you haven’t seen their Todd Cole-directed short film, you can watch it below!

All photos via WWD

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