Robert Pattinson’s Underage Modeling Years: His Half-Naked Photo Shoot for a Chinese Magazine

Spencer Cain

 Robert Pattinsons Underage Modeling Years: His Half Naked Photo Shoot for a Chinese Magazine

In the past few months, every headline involving “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson has had to do with the upcoming release of “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart‘s torrid affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. But now, we have a refreshing departure from the norm: It seems that he was Edward Cullen, a young Pattinson tried his hand at some underwear modeling.

Back in 2003, Pattinson apparently posed for a Chinese magazine in printed short-shorts (a swimsuit? Underwear?) and little else—and the fine folks at Snakkle have discovered this photo evidence. While he looks a lot skinnier and a lot younger (after all, he was just 17), his hair is still remarkably voluminous. He also, rather inexplicably, has a tie wrapped around his neck and is wearing black knee socks, so we’re guessing this was some sort of “school boy gone bad” photo shoot.

It’s safe to say that any star—or executive, for that matter—likely has had odd moments along the way, and this was just one of Pattinson’s many first attempts at breaking into the business. A mere year later, he landed a role in “Harry Potter,” and four years later, his life forever changed thanks to “Twilight.” More power to him — he looked good then, and he looks good now!

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