Rihanna Shows Off Her Personal Style in New ‘Cheers’ Video


From Vogue covers to stellar red carpet choices to music videos heavily inspired by famous fashion photographers, it’s no question that Rihanna is one of the most stylish pop stars out there these days.

We often see her all made up for shoots and shows, but it’s much more rare to see a starlet of her caliber “in the wild,” if you will. In her latest video for “Cheers,” not only do we see Ri Ri in her vibrant, retro stage outfits, we get a glimpse of what she wears when she’s off duty.

Not shockingly, her hair always looks amazing and she’s got a killer bod, but her everyday style is surprisingly low key — cotton tank tops and rock tees, baseball caps, denim cutoffs and sunglasses keep her looking like a totally down-to-earth 23-year-old.

Watch the clip below to see some awesome backstage footage of Rihanna and a look at her life and style in her native Barbados.

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