Rihanna Music Video Sneak Peek and Our 12 Favorite Rihanna Video Looks


A sneak peek video clip and stills were released from Rihanna’s highly anticipated new music video Hard, and naturally, we can’t wait to see the rest of what’s sure to be another hit on her list of music videos! The unstoppable starlet is clad in bold shoulder looks straight from the runway (including spikes) in a military setting featuring her as a sexed up version of a drill sergeant, all the while looking as if she just marched out of a high profile editorial shoot — Vogue, take note.

Because we admire this talented young artist, we congratulate her with a list of our top 12 favorite video looks.

1. “Russian Roulette”

Another scene set to the tune of violence, “Russian Roulette” showcases the tremendous pain that the singer must have been feeling– but we can’t help but notice her choice of dress, because, like always, her daring picks make a statement that we are completely smitten by.

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2. “Wait Your Turn”

Even though Rihanna is wearing an eye patch, we still love her look. Her mix of sequins, fur, and trench is okay by us.

3. “Run This Town”

From the instant Rihanna removes her hood and reveals her first look, we approve–and the outfit changes only get better. The studded glasses are our favorite fashion statement.

4. “Rehab”

We can definitely say that her choice of dress is more than just extravagant for someone who needs to go to rehab, but nonetheless, we love all of it especially since fashion is our favorite drug… It would be a Christmas miracle for us to own some of the midriff-bearing looks.

5. “Live Your Life”

Rihanna definitely knows how to live her life in fabulous couture. The theme of this song is perfect for her expression of personal style.

6. “Disturbia”

The music video might hold up to its title, but her one-piece, bobbed haircut, and bold lips are nothing to frown at. We LOVE!

7. “Take a Bow”

We were sold the minute the lace fan appeared on screen. That’s right lovely lady, take a bow for your edgy but beautiful attire that we’ll most likely never stop loving.

8. “If I Never See Your Face Again”

We love Riri in the background alongside Maroon 5 — she looks absolutely spectacular! We love the silk red halter dress best, but we would cry if we never saw her face again…

9. “Don’t Stop the Music”

Another hit and yes, please don’t stop the music! Here you’ll see more playful attire… post Chris Brown (obviously).

10. “Shut Up and Drive”

Questionable to say the least, but not too shabby for a make-shift mechanic.

11. “Umbrella”

We love the skin-tight black leather and the corseted cream dress — Rihanna definitely sexes it up onscreen.

12. “Unfaithful”

Sexy, body conscious pieces mark a check on the yes list — if only we could look that good.

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