Every Single Time Drake and Rihanna Grinded Up on Each Other Onstage

Every Single Time Drake and Rihanna Grinded Up on Each Other Onstage
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We just re-watched every single video there is out there of Drake and Rihanna grinding on each other onstage, and we have to say: We’re feeling all of the feels. Their chemistry is palpable. Their dance moves? Enviable. The whole dog and pony show: perfection. And quite frankly, we’re really, really hoping the whole Drake-and-Rihanna-broke-up thing blows over soon, because we all need more of this in our lives.

drake rihanna grinding Every Single Time Drake and Rihanna Grinded Up on Each Other Onstage

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Consider, for example, this gem, recorded at a Rihanna show in Paris back in 2014. RiRi, in a fabulous white tracksuit with a gold stripe down the back, is perfection. Drake, in an oversize white OVO tee, is awkwardness incarnate. The way she looks at him: #RelationshipGoals. The way he looks at her: Obviously they’re going to get married. Hell, in some alternate reality, they’re already married.

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We’re not crazy about the rumors that Drake and Taylor Swift are dating, so we’re going to pretend they’re not happening and go back to watching Drihanna videos. There are enough out there that you could spend the better part of an afternoon doing just that, and in case you’re in the mood for falling into a deep k-hole that is also the truest celebration of love there ever was, below please find all of the times the pair has gotten cozy onstage together. And then light a candle, say a prayer, and leave a love offering somewhere for Cupid, in hopes of Drizzy + RiRi grinding riding once again.

At the Brit Awards in London in February

Making it awards-show official.

At a Rihanna Show in Miami in March

Check out Drake, doing a particularly exemplary version of the smile he likes to do after grinding on Rihanna.

At a Rihanna Show in Toronto in May

The Views sweatshirt. The sparkly black jumpsuit. The grinding.

At a Rihanna Show in Manchester, England, in June

With “Hotline Bling” lighting.

At OVO Fest in Toronto in July

In which Drake thanks Rihanna for her goodness—”for being here tonight and for anything and everything else, you are way too good to me”—and Rihanna flubs the lyrics on “Too Good.” Drake: “That’s how you know it’s real.”

At a Drake Show in L.A. in September

And then there’s the part where Drake full-on puts his face in Rihanna’s crotch.

At a Drake Show in L.A. in September

After they’d gone public with their palpable romance.

That’s all, folks—for now. But since this is a grand tradition, perhaps it’s just on hold. There’s no way to know for sure, but we can cross our fingers (and don’t forget about that love offering). Summer Seventeen, anyone?

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