Watch Rihanna Break Down in Tears During Dublin Concert


Rihanna pretty much lost it during her Dublin concert last night: While performing “Love the Way You Lie,” she became overwhelmed by the crowd singing back at her and motioned for them to give her minute. But when she started singing again, she did it with tears—tears—streaming down her face.

“I only have ever in my life heard an audience of people scream so loud that they sound like one voice and that only happens in Ireland, in Dublin,” she told the audience. “Thank you so much.”

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Beyond that, she didn’t really say why she got so emotional (not that one really needs a reason). But afterward, she wrote on Instagram, “What a night!!!! Such an emotional show for me!”

The concert was the first performance in the UK and Ireland leg of her ANTI tour. Her next show is in London on Friday, where we can only hope (or maybe not) the crowd can’t sing as well. Watch her perform the whole song below.



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