Rihanna Will Play—Wait for It—an Alien Stripper in New Sci-Fi Movie



If you’ve always wanted to watch Rihanna writhe around as an alien stripper, now’s your chance. No, seriously: In new sci-fi flick “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” she plays an alien who just happens to be an exceptional stripper. Though footage hasn’t been leaked (yet), director Luc Besson previewed part of the film at Comic-Con this week, and the sequence sounds pretty amazing. Apparently, according to Cinema Blend, Ethan Hawke plays a strip club owner, and talks up an exceptional show; when it starts, a dancer in silhouette blows it out of the park—and when she turns around, the big reveal: It’s Rihanna!

It’s not the first time RiRi has gone intergalactic. Her song “Sledgehammer,” which dropped three weeks ago, is featured in “Star Trek Beyond,” and she also collaborated with Dior to design a pair of futuristic sunglasses inspired by Star Trek.

Besson took to Twitter yesterday to gush about the singer turned actress. In response to a fan’s question, “What was it like working with Rihanna?” he said, “I chose her as an actress not as a singer and i was surprised with what a gifted actress she is!”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next July to see her in all of her alien-stripper glory, though you can see “Star Trek Beyond”—it opened in theaters today. She’s not doing any stripping in that, though.

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