Revolve Clothing Will Pay You For Your Awesome Taste

Kerry Pieri

A taste of my fave picks on my Revolve boutique

We know the words curated and editorial are as overused as Mary-Kate and Ashley in the fashion world, but e-commerce sites are the new fashion blog, haven’t you heard?

Revolve Clothing is meeting the demand with a newly launched site, its third redesign since its inception to be exact. The breakout feature: you can get free stuff. The trick is to curate your own boutique that would in turn attract fans. The more people who purchase through your picks, the more reward points you get towards your next purchase. So you’ll need Rumi’s appeal for that new shearling, but up to 10 percent of total sales from your boutique is not bad for business.

Check out the preview on Revolve now to see some trend boards and boutiques by the likes of the aforementioned Rumi of Fashion Toast and downtown DJ girl Harley Viera Newton and get ready for the official launch November 11.

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