Revenge Is Sweet: Celebrities Who You Don’t Want To Wrong

Spencer Cain

When normal people like you and I break up with our significant others or have fights with friends, we may get a bit vindictive and crazy. However, no one hears about that except for the person themselves or our social circles. But when you’re a celebrity and you feel wronged, you don’t tend to just take it with a grain of salt. Usually, you fight back in a big way — a big way that every tabloid and blog has an opinion about.

There are many different ways celebrities handle fighting. Sure, some of them publicly embarrass each other and have drunken confrontations outside of Katsuya, but some revenge is a little bit more subtle — and a whole lot more effective. Whether it’s cleaning an ex-husband out in divorce court or parading around your pretty young thing, the crazy folks who populate Hollywood do revenge best.

Click through the gallery above for a look at 9 celebrities who I wouldn’t want to mess with!

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