The Rest of Blake Lively’s Chanel Ads + Karl!

Kerry Pieri
The Rest of Blake Lively’s Chanel Ads + Karl!
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I would imagine it’s rather awkward to model a handbag. Do you pose with it close to your face and risk it looking like those Sears professional pictures where they make you hold your hands, prayer-like, next to your cheek? Do you go naked and use the bags to subtly, or not, cover your important places a l Julianne Moore for Bulgari and January Jones for Versace?

These were the mind bending conundrums that Blake Lively was forced to ponder for her new Chanel Mademoiselle handbag ads. She opted to hold one bag upside down and out, while she chose to hold up the other to showcase it. Genius!

Click through for the pics and some behind the scenes images featuring Karl! Snark aside, girl looks gorgeous.

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