Reebok Easytone Commerical Draws Attention, But Do They Really Work?


Imagine what it would be like if you could take a stroll around your neighborhood, or walk down the street with your dog and reap the benefits of a hardcore leg toning workout. Well, that’s exactly what the new Reebok commercials are boasting you can do with their latest EasyTone sneakers. Built with a special technology that creates instability in the soles of your shoes, EasyTone sneakers give your leg muscles that extra workout without making you feel like you’re lifting weights at the gym.

Here are the stats: Reebok EasyTone shoes increase muscle activation in the glutes by 28 percent, calves by 11 percent, and hamstrings by 11 percent.

To try out your own pair, purchase Reebok EastyTone sneakers, $109.58. at

Watch the commercial that everyone is talking about here.

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