Red Wine Brownies Are Now a Thing, and Here’s the Perfect Recipe

Red Wine Brownies Are Now a Thing, and Here’s the Perfect Recipe
Photo: Getty. Try adding that glass of wine to some brownies, Kate Middleton.

It’s been a long year. Finally, Thanksgiving is upon us—for some of us, that’s great news; for others it’s not so great. Regardless of your feelings about the impending holiday season, we just discovered a new way to get both your chocolate and your red wine intake, and we have to say: genius.

Three words for you: red wine brownies. Yes, that’s right: Thanks to an intrepid reader of Country Living, who commented on their red wine hot chocolate recipe (possibly a slightly less fabulous idea) and turned them on to the new flavor profile, we now have stumbled upon the grand and glorious red wine brownies. And we have a recipe.

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Country Living directed us to what might possibly be the most decadent recipe out there right now, via food blogger A Cookie Named Desire. We have to warn you: Honestly, this recipe should come with a warning symbol—to let you know in advance how luxurious these babies are.

Head over to A Cookie Named Desire for a recipe that quite possibly might change your life—or at least shake up Thanksgiving. As Country Living put it, “The aroma that will fill your kitchen as the wine-soaked brownie mix bakes is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before.” Well, it’s true that we’ve never smelled hot, red-wine–soaked, freshly baked brownies. “If heaven has a scent, we’re convinced it’s red wine brownies baking in the oven,” they added. OK, possibly too far. But—you be the judge. Give the recipe a twirl and let it all happen.

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