‘Real Housewives’ Star Kyle Richards On Her New Store, That Dapper Husband & More

Spencer Cain

kyle richards1 Real Housewives Star Kyle Richards On Her New Store, That Dapper Husband & More

When it comes to the Real Housewives franchise (admit it — you watch), the Beverly Hills edition is in a class of its own. After all, it’s Beverly Hills, darling. The diamonds are bigger, the cars are flashier and the women are just funnier. My standout favorite of the past two seasons has been Kyle Richards.

The devoted mother of four certainly has a taste for luxury, but also realizes that family is the most important thing at the end of the day. Still, she can’t help but get her feet wet in some awesome business ventures. Her latest is her new boutique Kyle by Alene Too, a partnership with Alene Too owners Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz. The upscale store will hit Beverly Hills this July, and I chatted to Kyle about it — and a whole lot more.

Spencer Cain: Tell me a little bit about what inspired you to get involved with Alene Too.

Kyle Richards: First of all, growing up in a house full of girls, playing dress-up was a big part of my childhood. I’ve always loved fashion and clothes. I went to Florida and was doing a book signing at Alene Too. I walked in and I was like, “I’m literally obsessed with this store.” It was almost like I had put it together. It had every one of my favorite designers, and it looked like clothes I had in my closet. There are a lot places I like to shop in L.A., but I have to hit about 5 or 6 to get all the different brands that I like. This has everything I like under one roof. When I got back to L.A., I said, “I want to open a store like that out here!” We reached out to them, and they happily agreed.

SC: What are you most excited about carrying? Will the items represent your personal style?

KR: A lot of people see the show and ask me questions on Twitter about who makes my dress or my earrings. It’s great that I can share what I’m wearing with the viewers, since we’ll have an online shop as well. What I love about the store is that it has all my favorite designers and it also has a wide variety of prices. We have things that are affordable and things that are expensive — like there are vintage Chanel handbags.

SC: What are your summer fashion essentials?

KR: I feel like I was always in flowy things, and now I’m getting a little tired of that look. I’m not totally ready to give it up. I enjoy that light flowy look at the time, but I was like, “Okay, I think I’m going into a muumuu stage!” I think you can wear white year round, I’m a big fan of that, but it’s great to break it out this time of year. Just keep it fresh looking.

SC: What are your favorite items in your closet?

KR: I’m a shoe and handbag person, so I’d say some of my vintage Chanel handbags. I just bought a pair of Louboutin peep toes with spikes all over them that are more like weapons. Those will probably come in handy on Housewives! They hurt so much but I couldn’t resist.

SC: Are all your daughters as into fashion as you?

KR: Unfortunately…yes! I have four daughters, and all of them are. My oldest daughter has amazing style. My daughter Sophia, who’s 12, has great taste. Everyone always tells me, “She has the best style, do you dress her?!” I don’t dress her, she’s just always been like that.

SC: Everyone admires your husband’s style — would you say you’re responsible for that?

KR: A thousand percent. My husband never shops. I buy all the clothing, I buy it without him and bring it home. It always fits him perfectly because he really does have the perfect body. I’m not just saying that — he really does. I bring it all home to him, and thankfully he always loves what I choose for him. But sometimes, he’ll put something together and come out and I’ll be like, “You’re not leaving the house!”

SC: What is your philosophy for men’s style?

KR: I can’t take men who try too hard. Unless somebody is extremely over the top and you expect something like that — a friend of my daughter’s wears the studded Louboutin flats and a big oversized Birkin, and I really am entertained by that and appreciate that. But I hate when guys try too hard! The sexiest look for me on a man is a well-fitting shirt and a blazer. I like the “Hamptonsy” look too, but that doesn’t really work on my husband. You have to find what works for you. And shoes are very important — they tell you a lot about somebody!

SC: Do you think you’d ever want to try your hand at design?

KR: Oh, yeah! A hundred percent. It’s something I want to do — I plan on it!

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