We Rank The Best And Worst Reality TV Assistants

Spencer Cain
We Rank The Best And Worst Reality TV Assistants
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I don’t know about you guys, but when I turn on the television, I’m pretty much doing so exclusively to tune into E! and Bravo. Well, that’s not entirely true. If I’m not in the office or out, I am glued to the “idiot box,” as my father referred to the TV when I was a wee lad. So, I pretty much watch anything. But honestly, I swear by E! and Bravo. There is always something on. Even if they are broadcasting the Rob Schneider gem The Hot Chick, I will tune in.

But the best part of these channels is the extensive reality television content they bring to the masses. I don’t think I’d be a functioning without the Real Housewives franchise. Go ahead: pretend you don’t watch it! I know you do, b*tches.

Anyway, as any reality TV buff knows, the best characters are not always the leads. In fact, it’s the supporting players who really bring the humor and genius. One of the best parts of reality TV are the poor assistants, who are forced to deal with the absolute craziness of their bosses. Here’s to them! But often times, these assistants fall short and seriously suck at their job.

We’ve composed a gallery of some of our favorite reality TV assistants, and rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 (1o being the best). Click through and let us know your thoughts!

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Kim Zolciak, one of the reigning divas on Real Housewives of Atlanta, had a lovely assistant, Sweetie. Here are the two of them drinking, which seems to be all Sweetie can do. She is actually the worst. Period. RATING: 1

Jeff Lewis and his beloved assistant Jenni Pulos star on Bravo's Interior Therapy. She also raps, which is amazing. Oh, and she maintains the perfect balance between friend and assistant. Sometimes she can be a little scatterbrained, but she seems to pull it off. RATING: 7

Khloé Kardashian employed her dear friend Malika Hajj as her personal assistant, and it didn't exactly go as planned. Frankly, they were too much of a dynamic duo to make it work, even though Malika fulfilled her duties. RATING: 6

Brad Goreski's adorable assistant Lindsay Myers does her employer proud, but sometimes she has a little too much fun. I like to pose in a bikini as much as the next gal, but there's a time and a place. RATING: 9

Camille Grammer's weird friend Dee Dee isn't exactly her assistant, but she basically is. She seems to want to involve herself in every aspect of Camille's life and it's straight up creepy. Stick to you responsibilities, baby. RATING: 3

Jeremiah Brent is Rachel Zoe's jack of all trades. He gets his crap done and can design a mean house, but his best quality is how hot he is. Props, Jeremiah. RATING: 8

Bethenny's assistant Julie Plake is a dream. She handles her boss's neuroses, and doesn't get discouraged -- despite what this picture may suggest. Most importantly, she has a life of her own and isn't trying to get all Single White Female with B. RATING: 10

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