Rate New York’s Version Of Ryan Gosling

Spencer Cain

I mean, technically Ryan Gosling is New York’s version of Ryan Gosling, considering he lives here and all. Not only lives here, but breaks up fights at Astor Place and sits outside of trendy restaurants looking hot with his dog.

Anyway, the latest breakout viral star is Joey Thompson, whose video “How To Look Like Ryan Gosling” is absolutely incredible (watch below). Apparently, many moons ago, one of his sister’s friends told him he looked like the Gos — but he didn’t realize the enormous power it would give him until now.

He is now fully aware of his Gosling swag and not afraid to show it. In an interview with Gothamist, he proclaimed his love for Ryan’s (arguably) most memorable role: “I like the Notebook Gosling because he delivers a powerful love story.I don’t want to sound sappy but I think it’s cool when a guy finds a girl that he is willing to go all out for, maybe even build a house for her.”

While Joey’s funny take makes for a great video, he seriously pales in comparison in my opinion. Personally, I think hairstylist Paul Hanlon is a way better fit, and is way more similar to Gosling’s aloof attitude. But what do you guys think? How does this second rate Gosling measure up?

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