15 Random Celebrities Who Wrote Cookbooks

15 Random Celebrities Who Wrote Cookbooks
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From Haylie Duff to Mario Lopez, lots of seemingly random celebrities are adding to their varied resumes by writing cookbooks. And while most aren’t claiming to be “Top Chef” material, their cookbooks are usually written with an expert, and offers fans a taste of their own background.

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Recently, Kris Jenner announced she’ll be releasing a cookbook in October. Obviously, the Chanel-loving momager hasn’t presented herself as the homemaking type (hence the personal chef on many Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes), she apparently makes “a mean grilled cheese sandwich that has become a favorite among her young grandchildren,” according to the International Business Times.

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Some celebrities base their cookbooks on a certain diet they’ve become known for like gluten-free or vegan. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s buzzy cookbook, ​It’s All Good, follows a pretty strict regimen that includes  no meat, no dairy, no processed food and other restrictions Gwynnie herself has shunned at one time or another.

Often, stars that release cookbooks are in killer shape like Paltrow and Lopez (which sends an “eat what I eat, and you’ll look like me!” message to readers), while others are either capitalizing on public interest like Jenner, or have cultivated a large, trusting fanbase like Dolly Parton.

We’ve rounded 15 of the most random celebrities that have penned cookbooks that you should actually consider taking a look at. Click through the slideshow and check them out.


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