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Rachel Zoe Shows Off The World’s Cutest Baby Bump

Rachel Zoe Shows Off The World’s Cutest Baby Bump

I normally spend a couple of hours each weekend catching up on my ever-growing pile of magazines, and that number drastically increases during the winter months when leaving my warm apartment seems daunting. In the February “TV Issue” of Elle, I came across this little gem that is too adorable not to share.

To promote the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project, the show’s expectant stars pose for the most glamorous pregnancy portrait ever, with Rach in Givenchy and Rodg in Tom Ford silk pajamas.I was so pleasantly surprised to see the stylist showing off her tummy, since she usually hides her petite frame in oversized, floor-length dresses. Not only is Rachel going to be the most fashionable mom in Hollywood, Rodger is going to be such a doting dad how sweet does he look in this photo?

Only Rachel Zoe could rock a full Givenchy suit midway through her pregnancy, but who needs maternity clothes when you have a closet full of vintage Halston and YSL kaftans that would put all of the other mommies-to-be to shame?

Photo: Dusan Reljin for Elle Magazine

  • Dani

    Huh? What baby bump?

  • Anne

    Umm, maybe they should have an arrow pointing to the bump. Seriously does she even have a bump?

  • Good Lord

    Her poor fetus is anorexic too! That isn’t a 3-mont bump, she is 7-8 month pregnant. Do you really think this woman is eating enough for 2 when she has never known how to eat enough for one? She is disgusting

  • karl

    she looks quite horrid… baby bump? where?

  • Ginger

    I’m sad that we even know who this little woman is.

  • thom

    This is horrid. She is so unhealthy, and she’s abusing her unborn child. What a sick human being she is. Awful, sickening picture. Sad and pathetic.

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