Rachel Zoe Just Got Some Major Reality Show Competition


Just because celebrity stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe has a brand new baby boy to show off doesn’t mean that she’ll have the top fashion reality show next season.

Annabel Tollman, former Interview fashion director and the renowned stylist who’s dressed the Olsen twins and Scarlett Johannson, has signed a deal with Bravo for a new series that’s tentatively titled The Annabel Tollman Project (sound familiar?). According to The Daily, the show’s plot line is equally similar to The Rachel Zoe Project: cameras will follow Tollman through her day-to-day career of dressing high-profile celebrities.

When you take Brad Goreski’s upcoming Bravo show into account, this is quite the trifecta of chic cable programming, but I think that one show about styling is about all I can fit into my TV schedule. But, ratings are ratings, and you know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Which of the three reality shows are you most looking forward to, and do you think Bravo got a bit carried away with this theme?

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