Rachel Roy Rolls Out Her New Shoe Line

Laurel Pinson

Rachel Roy has decided to add something else to her fashionable plate this season. WWD is reporting that the designer will introduce a new shoe line. We’re big fans of Roy’s so we couldn’t be more excited.

The shoe collection, which is set to hit stores this August, will be priced from just under $200 to $600 for about 30 styles of shoes ranging from flats to booties to boots. Roy spoke about her collection mentioning that the shoes are “strong and sexy” they’re the shoes she wants to wear.

While you may be given a masculine oxford representing the strong side you can bet it will be paired with a heel for that sexy feel. And if you’re thinking that this is sort of spur of the moment, the designer reveals that she’s been thinking about doing shoes for about seven years.

Congratulations Rachel, we can’t wait to see these shoes on the feet of some very fabulous ladies!

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