Proof That Lindsey Wixson Is the Cutest Teenage Model, Ever

Kerry Pieri

WWD went with Lindsey Wixson to chat with Jason Wu about her “prom dress.” Prom is in quotes because the Kansas girl isn’t technically in high school right now so she’s only sort of going to the prom but she is working towards a GED because she wants to get her high school equivalency so that nobody will be able to judge her for “neglecting her education.” So grounded that Lindsey Wixson, even though she’s walked 44 high fashion runways and been in ads for everyone from Miu Miu to Alexander McQueen. But there was way more cuteness to follow.

The highlights of cute to follow:

1. When Jason Wu asks her BF what he’ll wear, the exchange goes like this: Umm, he says. A tux, Wixson answers, saving him from awkwardness. Aw.

2. After leaving the Jason Wu studio, the WWD writer says Wixson, “takes a giant leaping skip toward the elevator and lands in a pose with one hip out to the side. She raises a celebratory fist in the air.” Aw.

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3. Wixson discusses her age like this: I dont really think of myself as being 16…I think Im in the middle of 17 and 22. I dont feel 16 at all. Aw.

4. “When Wixson was 12 years old, and 5-feet, 7-inches tall, in Wichita, strangers used to come up to her in stores like Dollar General and Sallys Beauty Supplies to tell her she could be a model.”

5. She was inspired when she read an article in Readers Digest in the bathroom about Bill Gates and taking chances to become a billionaire. Ha, she admitted to reading it in the bathroom. Cute.

6. Lindsey doesn’t partay with other models, explaining, Im not into it, and its bad for my skin.

7. In 8th grade, she made a wish list and wrote that she wanted to appear on Americas Next Top Model. No cute points, but thank God Tyra never got her hands on her.

8. Her new dream is to fly. I really like Amelia Earhart. Shes from Kansas. She disappeared, so I have to take her place. I want to be Dorothy. I want to be Amelia Earhart.I want to do it all. Awww.

Photos: Oliver Zahm, Venetia Scott

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