Project One Gallery Presents: GOLD

Jessica Hoppe

Project One art galleryis celebrating their 3-year anniversary bycommemorating achievements with a new exhibit”GOLD” –a celebration of figurative gold gained and shared through artistic mediums.

The revolutionary gallery opened in 2008, a year which has come to be known as ‘dark times’ for the United Statesdue to a recession that has affected the entire global economy.It is only through a steadfast vision and commitment to the arts community that Project One has managed to survive and conquer with hearts ofgold by showcasing what they believe to be precious metals — artists and pioneers.

The California Gold Rush of 1848 inspired the exhibit — a time of feverish migration to the coast, which brought all types of people from Tycoons to Bohemian visionaries in pursuit of the American Dream. This revolution set the stage for such adventurous endeavors as the Project One gallery.

The exhibit will run from November 3rd through December 3rd with an opening reception on Thursday, November 10th. This is sure to bethe event of the season.

“Gold” will exhibit work by several artists who have been a continuous support and inspiration to Project One Gallery. Many different mediums will be represented, all with the common thread of solidity that forms behind the ideals of ‘Gold’.

Featured artists include:

Jet Martinez
Nick Flatt
Ryan Stubbs
Justin Young
Kelly Allen
Matthew Dean
Chrystie Cappelli
Ricky Watts
Ren Garcia Jr.
Robert Ogden
Mani Motarjemi
Peter Samuels
Marcos LaFarga
Rebecca Rose Vandersteen
Zach Egge
Dexter Simmons

Performances on opening night:
gavin hardkiss
dj duserrock
s. waterhouse

251 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA.

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