PROJECT Denim Guide: 10 ‘Jeanius’ Brands We’re Totes Loving

Susie G
PROJECT Denim Guide: 10 ‘Jeanius’ Brands We’re Totes Loving
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With fall literally around the corner, now is the perfect time to start breaking out the denim duds. Jackets, pants and collared shirts, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics that is perfect and an absolute-must for every autumn wardrobe.

Happen to be lacking in the dungarees department and needing some “jeanspiration”? Not to worry, because StyleCaster has got you covered!

While at the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas last month, I’ve managed to scout out some seriously sweet cotton duds, fabricated in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From good old go-to trousers to bad ass vests, and even to a mini-bustier top that could give anyone a 90210 style flashback, denim was just about everywhere on the Mandalay Bay Convention Center floor!

To check out some of the most eye-catching denim designs and get some style inspiration for your next shopping adventure, be sure to click through the slideshow above!

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