Proenza Schouler & Harmony Korine Set To Make Movie Magic

Susie G

Good news for fashion film nerds comme moi — the boys behind womenswear label Proenza Schouler have teamed up with fellow garon Harmony Korine, the “cult filmmaker” that was the same visioneer behind Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2010 fashion film Act da Fool.

After the amazing short film Korine managed to produce last year (that garnered much buzz in both the fashion and indie film circles), we’re filled with much anticipation to see what Korine will deliver with the Fall 2011 collection.

From the looks of the posters that were released exclusively through film blog /Film, it’s safe to say that Korine has been inspired by the collection’s desert-trip-meets-uptown-acid-trip designs. The scratched and black-washed posters reveal a feathered headdress and tribal prints, hinting that Korine will be playing up the collection’s Native American-inspired style motif.

But with a name like Snowballs, we wonder exactly where Korine is going to take us (and the season’s collection) this time around.

Will Korine explore how a gang of Alaskan Eskimo youths throw a stylish ice-hunting party? Or maybe he’ll dress up a few non-distinguished ladies in tribal accessories, have them throw on a few Proenza pieces and film them while they’re having a Burning-Man-esque rager in the middle of Machu Picchu?

The only way to find out what Korine has up his sleeve this year is to catch the premiere of Snowballs on Tuesday, September 27th at 4 PM EST from the Proenza Schouler website.

Come Tuesday afternoon, you can count on this stylish short film fanatic to be sitting with excitement in front of her computer, hugging her imaginary mochila PS1 leather messenger bag in anticipation.

Tisch school girl dreams REALLY do come true.

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