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Print Problems: Python or Mini-Stars?

Print Problems: Python or Mini-Stars?

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For those of you who may not know, we at StyleCaster are print crazed. Seated next to my right I have a major 90’s floral moment, a quirky 70’s ditsy print in front of me, and coming up behind is enough cheetah you might think you’re on an oh-so-chic safari. So, as we hunker down into our winter wardrobes, I’ve been wondering…which pattern should I introduce to my nicely growing collection of polka dots and stripes?

We saw a lot of options offered this fall at New York Fashion Week, but there’s two I just can’t decide between for my next purchase. I love the kitsch aspect of a billion little stars on a mini-dress, but my animal print side is hungering for a python fix circa Keith Richardsthis maxi dress from Urban is actually haunting me in my sleep. Help a sister out and let me know what you think the next big print is!

Images courtesy of Sipa and Urban Outfitters.

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